Lisboa Triathlon is one of the top Half-Ironman Distance events and an athlete’s favorite. It is an 11th edition “veteran race” with athletes from all over the world. It is quite a unique event right in the heart of the city.

We are proud to have an event with a division for almost everyone. Our goal is to have a race and a division that fits all goals and “sizes”.

We have 4 races happening on race day.

The Lisboa Triathlon Half-Ironman Distance race (1.9 km swim – 90 km bike – 21.1 km run) with some of the top athletes in the world. We have divisions for CEO’s (CMO’S, CFO’s, GM’s, and any other high profile job participants may have), a division by weight class, the CLYDSDALE DIVISION (over 90 kilos for men and over 80 kilos for ladies), a “TOP GUNNER” division for all security and armed forces personnel, Age-groups and an ELITE / PRO DIVISION.

The Olympic Plus Battle Of The Sexes (950 meters swim – 45 km bike – 10.5 km run), a race where the ladies have a 12 minute head start over the men. It’s exactly half the distance of the main race, happens simultaneously and on the same race course.

The Lisboa Triathlon Corporate Challenge is a team relay race. This is mostly dedicated to companies but you are welcome to put a team together to compete in it. From team building to shortening business relationships with your partners and new potential partners this is a perfect, fun way, to ”get your company on the podium”.

The Kids Aquathlon is a race for kids aged between 8 and 15. It’s nothing short of extraordinary, with around 400 kids competing in 2015!

The race venue is quite unique in its own right. Just 3 km from the Lisbon International Airport you can almost walk to the race venue and all major hotels, with all major airline and low cost companies flying from almost anywhere in the world directly to Lisboa. The race venue hotels are all within 500 meters, at most, from the race venue.

The race course speaks for itself, it is a looping race course with 2 laps on the swim, 4 laps on the bike and 4 laps on the run (the Olympic distance and Corporate races are exactly half the distances in all disciplines, swim bike and run).

The transition area is under a suspended cement cover that is the largest of its kind in the world and can hold up to 2.000 athlete’s bikes at the same time.

The swim is in an artificial lake that makes it easy for people to follow the swimmers around the course.

The bike course is 100% closed to traffic in a very fast paced, almost completely flat bike course with a 1km incline at the turnaround point.

The run is completely flat, with 4 laps of about 5 km each (2 for the Olympic).

This 3 day event also features a sports and health expo, with all you need to practice triathlon, and sports in general, a food court next to the finish line, and activities from our event partners.

Get yourself involved, get your body and mind in shape, get your company and kids involved! The Lisboa Triathlon is an event for the whole family, join us from the 5th till the 7th of May 2016. Safe training! See you in Lisboa!! 

Athlete’s manual


  • 1 entry for the race you selected
  • 1 race bag
  • 1 athlete ID wristband
  • 1 swim cap
  • 1 2017 free t-shirt
  • 1 race BIB number
  • 1 race number tattoo for arm
  • 1 race number tattoo for leg
  • 1 sticker for bike
  • 2 stickers for helmet
  • 1 sticker for racing bag
  • finisher t-shirt
  • finisher medal
  • cash prizes if you qualify for it
  • aid stations with food and drinks for the whole race
  • access to recovery zone with massages, food and drinks
  • best staff in the world!


  • 1 entry for TEAM
  • 3 race bags
  • 3 athletes ID wristband
  • 1 swim cap (just for the swimmer)
  • 3 2017 free t-shirt
  • 1 race BIB number (just for the runner)
  • 1 race number tattoo for arm (just for the runner)
  • 1 race number tattoo for leg (just for the runner)
  • 1 sticker for bike
  • 2 stickers for helmet (stickers are just for cyclist bike and helmet)
  • 1 sticker for racing bag
  • 3 finisher t-shirts
  • 3 finisher medals
  • aid stations with food and drink for the whole race
  • access to recovery zone with massages
  • food and drink
  • best staff in the world!

Note: please make sure you have everything in your kit when you check-in at the race office. TIMING CHIP IS GIVEN TO YOU WHEN YOU CHECK-IN YOUR BIKE AT THE TRANSITION AREA


At the expo you can find pretty much all you need for the race, from swim goggles to wetsuits, bikes, massages, race mechanics and much, much more. The expo usually has about 20 vendors with all kinds of products and services for your enjoyment. You can also find a food court close to the expo.

WHAT TO DO FIRST ON RACE WEEKEND (refer to schedule)

First thing’s first. Go to the race office on the Lexus stand with some form of ID, drivers license, passport, etc. (for teams registration at least one team member is necessary but it is his responsibility to make sure he gives all the info and race kit to his team mates), fill out and sign a form, and pick up your race kit. Finally, take the time to see the expo and the official event merchandise store.


Pasta Party takes place on Thursday from 20h00 till 23h00 at the Buffalo Grill Restaurant, next to the finish line. If you don’t have a ticket to the Pasta Party yet, get it at the race office, you will need one to attend the Pasta Party. Tickets cost 20€.


If you are driving we recommend parking either at the train station across the street from the Vasco da Gama Mall or on the avenue leading to the airport, or on the north side of the venue closer to the Vasco da Gama Tower, the Myriad Hotel. If you park anywhere on the bike race course your car will be towed.


The race takes place on Saturday May the 7th, 2016 but you must put your bike in the transition zarea on Friday, except if you purchased the optional “same day bike check in” (refer to schedule for bike check-in).


Only athletes swimming are allowed into the swim zone (relay / corporate division). You must have your swim cap on your head inside the swim zone. Only athlete’s on the next wave are allowed inside the swim zone (every swimmer may warm up, but all must exit the water and the swim zone before the start. Simmers will then be allowed in as their wave is coming up. 


  • 5th wave - 08H 00 CEO, CLYDESDALE AND TOPGUN DIVISIONS, AND AGE-GROUPS 20 – 24, 25 – 29, 30 – 34, 35 – 39
  • 6th and final wave - 08h05 ALL REMAINING AGE-GROUPS (40-44 AND UP)


It is legal but not mandatory to wear a wetsuit if the water temperature is below 20º C. Normally the water temperature at the Lisboa Triathlon is between 17º C and 19º C, therefore, most of the time wetsuit is legal. Please do NOT FORGET your swim goggles, the organization does NOT have swim goggles (if you forgot or lost yours, you can buy some at the Expo). 

THE DAYS BEFORE RACE DAY (refer to schedule)

The event opens officially on Thursday with the opening of the expo and race office at 15h00. On this first day, the race office and expo closes at 20h00.

To end the day on a good note and get yourself pumped up and motivated for the BIG day don’t forget the Pasta Party, a chance to exchange race tips and meet the rest of the participants before the race.

On Friday the race office and expo are open from 10h00 till 20h00. We strongly recommend attending the race briefing (refer to schedule), specially if it’s your first time racing or at the Lisboa Triathlon event. It is your responsibility to know all the rules and regulations but it’s NOT MANDATORY to attend the race briefing.

Friday is also the only day you will have a chance to swim on the swim venue before race day, so take the opportunity and give it a try.

Friday is also the day to check-in your bike into the transition area. Friday is a very busy day so make sure you organize your schedule well.

Keep in mind our moto: “If you start it, finish it!”


For every division We give out trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. However, you must be present at the awards (or someone in your name) to receive your trophy.

CASH PRIZES ARE AS THE GRID BELOW (cash prize winners do not need to be present at awards. Will be contacted by email) 

Half-Ironman Distance (Female and Male)

  • 1st place 700€
  • 2nd place 400€
  • 3rd place 250€
  • 4th place 100€

Olympic Plus

  • 1st place overall 500€

All prize money will be paid in the 90 days after the event


Each participant or team as a set of two tattoos with the same number. Tattoos are to be placed in your upper arm between the shoulder and elbow and on the lower back of your leg between your knee and ankle. To apply the tattoos make sure you do not have oil or lotion and just apply like a regular temporary tattoo. If you are on a team only the runner must wear the tattoos. If you have trouble placing the tattoo ask for help at the race office. We will have staff at the transition area helping you with body markers if something goes wrong with the tattoo.


One aid station at the swim exit just with water. One aid station on the bike course, at the bike turn around closer to the transition zone. This means you will have an aid station on every 22.5 km lap. For the bike course we will have only bike bottles with water, ZIPVIT Bars, and bananas. On the race course you will have 2 aid stations with water, Isostar, ZIP VIT Bars and Gel, bananas and oranges. At the finish line recovery zone you will have everything you had for the run course plus salty food, cookies, water melon, grapes and other season fruit, and fruit juices.


The toilets are located at the recovery zone and next to the aid stations on the run course, there are no toilets on the bike course. Make sure you go to the toilet before the race, preferably at your hotel room!


There are no cut offs for the Olympic Plus – Battle of the Sexes. For the half ironman distance the cut off is 1h15 minutes for the swim (after you start), 5h30 to finish bike after race start (7h30), 8h to finish the hole course after you started the race.


The bag drop off is at the race office next to the finish line. Your bags must be identified with the sticker we gave you on your race kit for it before you give it to our staff. Bikes can be picked up at transition as soon as the last participant racks his bike and leaves for the run. You must have your BIB number with you to pick up your bike or some form to identify that you own the bike. You must also take with you and give back your timing chip to claim your bike, or you will have pay a 50€ timing chip charge for losing it.


If you are a last minute same day bike check in participant, make sure you get to the transition area with plenty of time. Transition on race day opens at 5h30. You may also go back in to check on your bike if you did the bike check in the day before. The race office will also be open (next to the finish line) at 5h30 if you sill don’t have your race kit.

Now, the actually first thing you should do if you have all this into account is to have an early breakfast (don’t eat any thing you normally don’t eat on race day ... ) and make sure you go the the bathroom!! There will portable bathrooms at the race venue but we believe you will be much more confortable if your hotel room is close enough...

Make sure you know your wave start (when is your time to swim) and get ready for a memorable day!

Look for your friends and family and smile for the pictures!

It is a day to remember and brag about later. We will be waiting for you at the finish line and after you get your well deserved FINISHER T-SHIRT and FINISHER MEDAL (it’s OK to use both right after the race!). Go to the well deserved recovery zone to hydrate with food fruit and drinks while you wait for your massage and stretch session.

You must come to the awards party !! After all, it is not every day you can relax with other participants and the race staff having a drink, relaxing and telling your stories is part of the event ☺!

Enjoy the race and see you at the finish line!! 



Only swimmers, security personel, staff and special guests will be allowed into the swim zone on race day. All swimmers may warm up (refer to schedule) but must exit the water and swim zone 10 minutes before the race starts. Swimmers will be let in for their wave start. As soon as a wave is sent off the next wave of swimmers will be let into the swim zone. 

Specially if you are a “first timer”, take your time at the swim start. It is “normal” for a lot of unintended kicking and “punching” to happen. You might get kicked or punched in the face by accident. Look for open spaces.


To check in your bike you must have all your racing equipment and identification equipment with you, or you will NOT be let into the transition area. In the transition area you must leave all you need for the bike course and run course. You do not leave your gear for swimming in the transition area when you set up. In the transition area you only keep (you must keep everything inside the basket you’re given when you enter the transition area) what you will be using in the race.


The Lisboa Triathlon, in ALL its races, is a NON DRAFTING RACE. You must keep a 12 meter (from your front wheel to the back wheel of the person in front of you) distance to the front and a 3 meters distance to the side, except when you are over taking the person in front. To over take the person in front you have 20 seconds and if you can not pass him (her), you MUST DROP BACK. It is the responsibility of the person in the back to keep the distance, so, if you are over taken by a rider, you have 20 seconds to pass him again or YOU MUST DROP BACK

It is the race marshal’s decision alone to consider if you are drafting or not and, if you are going at a speed that is considered to be drafting or not (turning points for example are not drafting zones). DO NOT try to SECOND GUESS the race marshal’s decision if you are drafting or not and if he(she) should have given you a penalty or not. If you want to know what the penalty is, you are already asking the wrong question, DON’T DO IT. MAKE IT A FAIR RACE. The race marshalls and the organization are here to help you have the best and fairest race. Be legal, be safe.

Of course there are times when a group comes together, namely, at corners, turn around and some smaller streets, this is NOT drafting since you are NOT considered to be going at a drafting speed. However, ultimately, it is the race marshals decision, so just DON’T DRAFT.


You must always keep to your right to let faster athletes go trough, and take special care to follow this rule at blind corners, as you may run into an oncoming runner. On the last lap you must go straight to the finish line.


You must present your protest or appeal to the race marshals up to 15 minutes after the results come out. The race marshal decisions are final. 


A yellow card stands for a 5 minute penalty and a second yellow card stands for another 5 minute penalty. A third penalty means automatic disqualification. There will be a Penalty box on the run course.

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